2300 Flora – Dallas Arts District Tower

b.s. architecture

BIM Visualization
professor ricardo munoz
the university of texas at arlington


Situated at 2300 Flora Street, Dallas Arts Tower provides a mixed-use office development for the Dallas Arts District. The design of the building takes cues from the context in it’s design. The height of the podium corresponds to the canopy of the Margot & Bill Winspear opera house. Regulating axis from the opera house, and the Meyerson Center dictate the slender geometries of the towers and the public space facing flora street. The smaller tower and a void cut from the exterior of the larger tower indicate the height of the bell tower at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Various voids throughout each tower and a slight rotation provide a relief from a repetitve stacked floor plate of typical high rise towers.The deisgn of the exterior facade involves a mullion with sun shading abilities, which is also representative of geometries traversing different scales within the building. The white, reflective glass is intended to make a minimal impact on its significant surroundings by becoming almost invisible through the diffusion of light.

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