The Holi Festival in India is a Hindu celebration of the coming of spring. During this festival, colors are
thrown at completely random people on the streets of India. The colors signify the sharing of love and
the blurring of differences between people – only color is seen. When only color is seen, the
boundaries of different demographics, ethnicities, backgrounds, and locations is blurred, stripping us
down to our roots – one society – one species – one planet.

The Colors of Humanity was initially photographed via subjects portrayed in mundane or regular
situations of their everyday life. Activities they partake in everyday. Later the project morphed into
people not only in mundane situations, but also playful or crazy situations. This characterizes the
surprise in everyday life and the emotion we as a society encounter every day.

Through the making of this project I have found that a sense of camaraderie is a powerful force. It can
allow people to reach conclusions they would have never thought possible. By working with each
other I uncovered different aspects of people’s lives that I would have never found out otherwise. That
is in a sense what I wanted to achieve with this project – to bring the definitions of human society
closer together.

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