Draw Blood.

m.arch i
professor john blood
the university of texas at austin



Draw blood is a course with two main goals. First is to develop drawing techniques that portray certain ideas and qualities of space concisely, and second is to create an effective oral presentation for said drawings.

Techniques in charcoal, composition, atmosphere, shadow, reflection, watercolor, color theory, hybrid drawing, and perspective were explored.

section perspective of exeter library constructed first by drawing a 3d lattice.

perspective drawn by another student, traded, then drawn on top of.

composition studies depicting “tallness” with watercolor and charcoal.

This drawing is a personal interpretation of what the city of Esmeralda looks like after reading chapter 5 (trading cities) of Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. This is a hybrid drawing with a hand-drawn, one-point perspective and images collaged digitally. To compose the drawing, we selected a movie to study. The 1988 movie, Akira, was chosen and quick scene vignettes were done at a 16:9 ratio.

compositions studies with light, shadow, and reflection in hybrid drawing.

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