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the university of texas at austin
with brennen birch, hannah williams, annie liu
hannah bacon, eric joyce, and eeshna gupta
brown background photos: justin viera



ISSUE is a yearly publication of student work put together by student volunteer editors at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. The group is run separately from the school and fundraises to make each annual publication.  Students and faculty submit their work from the previous calendar year, and the editors cultivate a 3rd party of students to select what goes into the book. We, the editors, take this work and create a narrative of what we think best describes the school of architecture in its current state. The process involves color studies, book maps, page layouts, typeface selections, content coordination, and communication with printing companies. The book is continually worked on year round and is released in March or April of each year.


 ISSUE XIV discusses the importance of images in architectural discourse, as most of the work done in school is fictional. The book is organized by the feel of each students’ work and grouped around similar styles whether it be post-digital, realistic, vaporwave, or something else.


 There was a general desire among the editors to produce additional content for fun and to really celebrate the culture ISSUE has developed in the school. It is the first edition to branch out into the production of other content with the book. For our installation in the series, we created tote bags with the book cover printed on it in pantone811.  To announce the book release party, risograph posters were made with the help of the risograph lab at the UT School of Arts, and posted around the school. A limited-edition series of scale-figure stickers were also given out for free at the book release party. The stickers are a curated collection of students’ scale figures used in their drawings.

“I can really see you guys’ hands and minds in all the decisions – as with all our conversations, it’s so hard to not just make stuff that looks like everything else. It even feels like Texas. :)” – in email correspondence with ISSUE and Juliette Cezzar.
Programs: Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

amy’s ice cream? v austin

image credit to @notyourcourtyard
image credit to @notyourcourtyard

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Scale figure stickers.

Risograph poster edited for digital sharing.
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