A Library for Tororo.

m.arch i
vertical studio i

professor michael garrison
the university of texas at austin



It takes a village to make a building.


This project is intended as a community builder for the town of Tororo, Uganda, and pro-bono community of Smile Africa,which nurses and educates orphans. Creating a town of people with valuable skills and knowledge is the ultimate goal.


The library is sited on a “hinge” space between the public program of workshops, markets, and a women’s center, and the more private program of housing and educating children. Therefore, the library becomes a space for interaction and education of the children and Tororo citizens. A social condenser. In addition to the library space, a gallery is provided for the work of craftsmen to be displayed and sold as well as the drawings of children – a place to be proud of their work.


The roof and window screens on the building are inspired by traditional patterns in Ugandan textiles proportionally. Functionally, the roof is also a means for the collection of rainwater for drinking and use in a composting system to grow fruit and vegetables for the community.


Revit, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Rhino+Grasshopper, Photoshop, Illustrator

BEFORE - existing in white; demo in turquoise.
AFTER - new buildings in red; library in blue; garden in brown.
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